Tenant Screening

For Property Managers and Tenant Leasing

Assuring you make the right choices when screening tenants can make all the difference in asset management and your own peace of mind. Our tenant screening package ensures property managers and landlords have the information needed to choose the right tenant.

We’re here to make your life easier by helping you to place the right tenant the first time.

Our packages are tailored to what you need

Credit checks

Eviction Checks

Criminal check

Sex offender check

Reference checks

Residence verifications

Protect Your Investments

As a landlord, your primary goal is to protect your investment. You need to make sure that you rent to responsible tenants who will:

  • Pay rent consistently on time
  • Not break their lease
  • Not damage the property

Our landlord tenant screening services allow you to do just that. We make your job as a landlord or property manager so much easier. Our credit and background check services allow you to make sure that you line up the right tenants for your rental properties.

Evictions are time consuming, stressful and unprofitable. A tenant eviction & criminal background check will go a long way in terms of preventing evictions and will save you time and money. Our tenant credit check and background check services allow you to make sure that you line up responsible tenants for your rental properties.

How It Works

1. Set up an account.

Account set up is easy, free and there are no monthly or annual fees to maintain the account.

2. Request A Credit & Background Check.

Enter your applicants’ name and email address and the authorization request will be sent securely to the applicant.

3. Tenant Authorizes Request.

Your applicant accepts and authorizes the requested reports in our secure online system.

4. Review the Reports.

You review the completed reports online and that’s it–you’re done!