Job-Fit Assessments

What is it?

Imagine two perfectly good candidates, both interview well, both had similar resumes and past job experience. They’re applying for a job as a caregiver in an eldercare facility. One applicant is more caring with the elderly patients, has more compassion and a positive attitude. The other, doesn’t. What are your plans to make sure you choose the right person?

What if you could predict their attitude?

A good job fit assessment can take in more information and actually help you predict the way an employee will behave on the job. That’s where we come in. Our job fit assessments are different than your typical personality assessment.

Ours will measure their “on the job” attitude so you can weed out those that won’t fit into your business culture and your expectations in that role.

A resume can give you the when, what, where of an applicant’s history, but the assessment will give you the WHO: the capabilities, character and personality of the applicant.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Discover how you can hire the very best employees.

Why job fit assessment is a good idea when hiring

Reduce Employee Turnover by 10 to 50% in the first year

Significantly reduce cost per hire

Improve employee motivation, engagement and teamwork

Increase Productivity

Fit the right personality into the right position and team

Improve overall profitability

identify potential future leaders and corporate bench strength

Measure general mental aptitude and attitude

The Job Fit Assessment system

Our Job Fit Assessment System can screen for specific job skills, aptitude, job fit, employee attitude and even counter-productive behaviors. Even after you make your hire, the Assessment System will help you integrate your new employees into your company’s culture quickly and efficiently. The Assessment System can even help you to identify which staff members are the most promotable and into which positions within your organization.

Turnover rates in various industries:

Turnover costs generally range between 25 and 200% of the employee’s annual salary!


Assisted Living


Trucking Industry





THE SCIENCE Behind How It Works

Focus on three main areas determined to be key indicators for on the job success:


The accepted premise is that personality is an inherited complex of traits that controlled our behavior in the past, controls it at present, and will in the future. Since many of the traits are temporarily fixed and measurable, we can assess people to determine their preferred behavioral styles.



Unconventional thinking


Emotional stability


Good Impression => “Faking scale”


It’s long been known that an individual’s level of general mental ability is a reliable and statistically significant predictor of that individual’s job success.

For certain jobs you have to have certain education/knowledge and learning capabilities…and because of that we can use these tests to predict on the job success. If you can’t do math and science…you may not be a good candidate to be a brain surgeon for example.






This portion of the testing is what sets us apart from most other standard personality tests. The attitude report measures a candidates’ attitude towards work and work-related issues by measuring for counter-productive behaviors.

These 6 have been found to be the most commonly reported issues in the workplace.

Low Conscientiousness

Substance Abuse


Sexual Harassment

Low Integrity

Computer Misuse

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