Background Screening

Now You Can Rest Easy

As an employer or human resources professional, you have to make vital decisions regarding potential or current employees in a limited amount of time. You may also have to comply with a dizzying array of state and federal regulations regarding safety and privacy. And you have a business to run!

AccuCheck Screening can help. Our computerized search packages are customized by industry and further refined to meet your exact specifications. Our background search process is fast, accurate, discreet, and cost-effective, and our reports are of the highest quality. We have access to billions of records through hundreds of thousands of databases in all 50 states and 200 countries. Searches can even be performed by you or your representative on our state-of-the-art web search interface, saving time when you need the facts fast.

With AccuCheck Background Screening, you can reduce turnover rates from bad hires, reduce cost per hire, and rest easy knowing you are fully informed on your applicants. We also provide onboarding tips through job-fit assessments to speed integration into your culture.

The Benefits of Background Screening

Almost 1/3 of all business failures are caused by employee theft

It costs between $7000 and $40,000 to replace an employee

On-the-job violence costs employers $36 billion each year

1/3 of all application forms contain outright lies about crucial information

In the United States, over half of all new hires don’t work out

Reduce turnover from bad hires

Ensure what the applicant claims is actually true

Reduce cost per hire – onboarding tips of job-fit assessments to speed integration into the customer’s culture

Knowing the truth before an employee becomes a problem can save you from

Lost productivity

Damaged reputation

Material theft

Criminal operations

Liability costs

Training losses