About Us

Who We Are and Why You Matter

(It’s Really About YOU, not About US)

Jackie Sharrock and John Gravina bonded instantly when they met in 2013. Each had successful careers in differing fields and brought complementary strengths to the table. However, what matters most is that the work they do has deeply personal meaning for them.

Jackie and her husband had both experienced the long-term care industry firsthand as their parents aged, and saw the effects high turnover rate, poorly qualified employees, and lack of motivation had on their parent(s) quality of care. With high turnover in the healthcare industry, they saw that the patients suffered, rather than flourished. Vulnerable adults and young children are especially susceptible when the wrong individuals are hired just to fill positions rather than properly screened caregivers who genuinely love what they do and have the right experience and desire to serve.

About Jackie

Having over 20 years of experience managing employees in corporate America, Jackie knew there was a better way to enrich the care of patients, inspire longevity in staff, and make better hiring and motivational/promotional decisions. Jackie was also looking for the perfect opportunity to work closer to her home in Colorado while doing something more rewarding with her life. Then she was introduced to John.

About John

Having owned and operated several businesses, John learned firsthand how difficult it could be to fit the right person in the right job and how frustrating it was when the fit didn’t work. An entrepreneur in his own right, John was looking for “that thing” that would ignite his passion to help and serve other entrepreneurs and bring all his talents together in a cohesive way.

About AccuCheck Screening

When Jackie and John met, there was an instant recognition that they both shared a passion and desire to help organizations make the right hiring choices in the first place. They knew that in doing so, organizations can deliver quality services to their customers while creating work environments that inspire staff longevity and company success. They realized that they could create a company together that could truly make a difference.

AccuCheck Screening was born and has grown significantly since then. The company’s goal is and will always be to help you hire the right employees that fit your company culture, share your business values and contribute to achieving your vision. This is done by offering products and services that help you interview, hire and screen candidates quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively while complying with the law.