In the past, hiring employees meant finding candidates who could be swayed with a solid compensation and benefits package. Today, however, younger generations of workers are looking for more than a paycheck – they are seeking the right company culture.

In fact, LinkedIn released a report that demonstrated that 86% of the millennial respondents admitted that they’d be happy to take a pay cut if they could work at a company that mirrored their own personal values.

Company Culture

Has your business spent time formulating a company culture? It’s clear that in order to recruit and retain employees in the 21st century, it has to be about more than projects and tasks and goals. The environment you are creating for your team is the key to job satisfaction and retention, as well as playing a critical role in attracting the right individuals to work for your business.

Values and Social Impact

Not only are today’s job seekers seeking the right cultural fit, but they also want to be associated with a company that shares their values and are taking measures to make a positive social impact in their communities.

Every company has its own set of values, attracting specific types of applicants. The more specific a business can be when it comes to its own values, the easier it will be to attract and retain employees that match the company culture they are looking to build.

The LinkedIn report also states that 46% of survey takers stated want their company to make a positive impact on society. Incorporating a social mission increases your team’s respect for the organization and pride in the work they are doing.

A Sense of Community

There’s definitely been a shift in the workforce when it comes to retaining quality employees. It is now more common for staff to stay on for a couple of years and then leap to something different than it is for employees to commit long-term to an organization. However, what people are really looking for is a sense of community and belonging. By hiring candidates that fit in with your corporate culture, you are gaining team members who will work together toward your success because they believe in the mission, they enjoy doing the work, and they feel invested in the community.

How does a company move forward with this information? Once you have determined your values, social impact, and company culture, you can begin hiring for culture fit (not just experience or education). Our job-fit assessments focus on the attitude and behaviors needed to fit a company’s culture. A good job-fit assessment can take in more information and actually help you predict the way an employee will behave on the job and match the rest of your team. Find out more about our job-fit assessments here.